SUP General January 5, 2012

Safety in the practice of SUP

From here, we want to remind everyone how important it is to security and respect in the practice of SUP.

Our beaches and coasts are getting a lot busier, when we practice SUP, we have to consider this fundamental aspect. We want to remind to all the SUPers and new people who are getting started in SUP, that we have to be careful when we enter a spot with our boards. We are not the only users of the beach.

Let's not take up too much space on the seashore, where walkers and bathers, and, as far as possible, enter the water without fanfare, with the boards  controlled and immediately removed from the danger zones.

We recommend to use a leash to prevent accidents.

If we're going to surf, let's try to respect other surfers, keeping a safe distance. With SUP, we can afford to take more advanced waves at the peak, more easily, therefore we use this to do well.

Practice with common sense and respect, so that the SUP can be treated with respect. That will help to keep the best image for our new sport. We are all responsible !!

Here are some links where you can read some tips:



Do not hesitate to consult any doubts regarding this matter!


Instructor SUP (IOSUP/FES)

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