Flatwater SUP

 Beach, river or lake

 4 Hours

 120 €

The Flatwater SUP course is really complete. In addition to learning the basic tricks to enjoy the sport, we will  go a step further and work thoroughly certain technical aspects to improve your paddling and balance. We will prepare you for long trips and, why not, for the waves.


This course has a duration of 4 hours, we do in two or three days of work. We do it in flatwater, in the best possible conditions. It can be done at sea, river or lake. 
The course content is as follows:

• Origins of SUP

• SUP Gear (board, paddles, leash..)

  • Characteristics of a SUP board
  • Different board constructions
  • Types of boards. Allround, waves, race, etc
  • How to choose the board and paddle that suit your needs,skill, level and style.

• Where and how we practice SUP

  • SUP zone
  • Waves
  • Reefs
  • Currents
  • Wind
  • Safety area
  • Enter and exit the SUP zone.

• Safety & SUP

  • How to carry your board, wind factor, etc
  • Safety position
  • SOS
  • Respect beach users
  • Other sea users (boats, surfers, etc)
  • Wind factor

• Practice the different positions on the board & paddle techniques

  • Laying down on the board.
  • Knees position. Practice wipeouts
  • Stand up position. How to stand up on the board. Body posotion.. Axe of the body. Paddle position & downwind position.
  • Basic paddle technique.
  • Basic turns.

• SUP Perfect:

  • Advanced paddle techniques.
  • Advanced turns.
  • Pratice the balance. Freestyle.



100 € / person for 2 members
120 € / person private lesson 1 member
* If you wish to do the SUP Waves course after, you will have a 20% discount to catch your first waves