Waves SUP


 4 Hours

 120 €

After practicing in flatwater you will want more challenges. Now is the time to surf your first waves. We will practice all the techniques to enjoy the surf !!.

This will keep you hooked !!  This module has a duration of 4 hours and is performed with gentle waves and no wind.
• Safety in the practice of SUP Surf
  • How to enter in the surf spot
  • Undestand the waves in the spot
  • Safety stuff (helmets, leash, life jacket)
  • How to use the board in front of whitewater
• SUP Surf Techniques
  • How to paddle over whitewater.
  • Undestand the waves.
  • Position to catch a wave.
  • Sinchronization.
  • Acelerate, deccelerate.
  • Turns and basic tricks.
  • How to use the paddle.
  • Maneuvers.
  • Wipeouts.
• SUP Surf rules
  • General rules.
  • Priority.
  • Enter the surf zone.
  • Surf etiquette.


* This activity is for1 or 2 people max. Only during weekends on two consecutive days, ideally.


100 € / person for 2 
120 € / person for 1
* If you did the Flatwater SUP course with us you save 20%

IMPORTANT: To do the Waves SUP course, you must have made the Flatwater SUP course us or demonstrate a sufficient level in SUP (a small test will be done to check your level)